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Office of the President's response to WHO's statement

The World Health Organization (WHO) belongs to the whole world. It concerns itself with the health of all mankind. Taiwan is a member of the international community, and as such, its people are entitled to enjoy the same rights to good health as everyone else on Earth. There is no reason why we should be excluded. The truth of this principle is self-evident.

We wish to register our deep regret and displeasure regarding the statement made by the WHO on the morning of May 12 (Geneva time) with respect to Taiwan's participation in the World Health Assembly (WHA). We hereby call once again upon the WHO to duly recognize Taiwan as a link in the global disease control system that the 23 million people of Taiwan are entitled to equal health rights. We also call on the WHO to face up to the common claim of countries in every region and international health bodies.

To reiterate, the WHO's action will not weaken our determination to participate in and contribute to the international community. Our government will continue working to promote and enhance cooperation with related agencies in other countries in order to safeguard the health rights of the people of Taiwan.