U.S. and mainland China heads of state speak by phone. Presidential Office: Taiwan in close communication with U.S., will continue to strengthen ties

Commenting on the phone call earlier on February 10, 2017 between U.S. President Donald J. Trump and mainland Chinese leader Xi Jinping (習近平), Presidential Office Spokesperson Huang Chung-yen (黃重諺) said that Taiwan and the U.S. have been in close contact and communication regarding this development, and continue to take an effective "zero surprise" approach.

Mr. Huang added that the U.S. is Taiwan's most important strategic partner in the world. Taiwan is fully aware of the priority that the U.S. assigns to East Asia peace and stability – including the continuation of an excellent Taiwan-U.S. relationship. Regional stability in East Asia is of vital importance to U.S. interests, he said, and as a member of the international community, Taiwan will continue to strengthen its cooperative ties with the U.S. such that we can jointly further the peace, stability and welfare of this region.

The spokesperson also emphasized that Taiwan's core interest is to ensure: 1. the sustainability of our country's freedom and democracy; 2. active participation by Taiwan in the international community; and 3. regional peace and stability. Maintaining positive relations with the U.S. and across the Taiwan Strait are both in line with our national interest and key to regional peace and stability, and as such they are goals that this administration will work hard to achieve. In the recent days, said the spokesperson, the U.S. administration including Secretary of State Rex Tillerson has on multiple occasions reiterated its support for Taiwan and its commitment to the Taiwan Relations Act, and for this Taiwan is most grateful.