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Vice President Chen embarks on trip to the Dominican Republic

Vice President Chen embarks on trip to the Dominican Republic
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Vice President Chen Chien-jen departed on the evening of August 13 on a trip to the Dominican Republic to take part in that country's presidential inauguration ceremony. In remarks issued before boarding the aircraft, the vice president stressed that during this trip he will seek to call attention to Taiwan's concept of "steadfast diplomacy" to strengthen mutual assistance for mutual benefits.

The following is a translation of the vice president’s remarks:

Today is the first time for me to lead a delegation on an overseas visit in my capacity as the vice president of the Republic of China. I undertake this trip at the invitation of Dominican Republic President Danilo Medina, whose inauguration I will attend as the envoy of President Tsai Ing-wen. Our delegation will make transit stops in New York on both the outbound and return legs of the trip, and is scheduled to arrive back in Taiwan in the early morning hours of August 20.

This state visit is taking place just two short months after President Tsai's trip to Panama and Paraguay. The scheduling of overseas trips by the president and vice president in such close succession is to show the people of Taiwan that the new administration is determined to implement its policy of steadfast diplomacy. We are unwavering and firm in our resolve to build up positive sentiment toward Taiwan among its diplomatic allies.

On this visit to the Dominican Republic I will principally be pursuing the same three objectives that President Tsai focused on during her overseas trip.

First, I want to do everything I can to call attention to our new concept of "steadfast diplomacy" focused on strengthening mutual assistance for mutual benefits, and thus give Taiwan a higher profile within the international community.

At President Medina’s inauguration there will be many heads of state and emissaries leading delegations from countries including Guatemala, Honduras and Panama. So in addition to meeting with President Medina and Vice President Margarita Cedeno de Fernandez, I will also interact with these heads of state and special emissaries, and I will be talking to them about our new policy of "steadfast diplomacy based on strengthening mutual assistance for mutual benefits." The idea is to impress upon them Taiwan's sincerity, and to show them that Taiwan is a worthwhile friend.

A second theme of President Tsai's earlier trip that I intend to follow up on is to give a boost to all the expatriates, Taiwanese entrepreneurs, NGO personnel, and diplomats stationed overseas who are out there working on the front lines of diplomacy. Diplomacy is a team effort, because it takes a lot of people working together to get the world to see Taiwan, and to expand Taiwan’s avenues onto the world stage.

Third, we want to enhance our economic and trade cooperation with the Dominican Republic. President Tsai has said that our economic and trade ties with the countries of Central and South America must be built upon the foundation of mutual assistance for mutual benefits. We need to cooperate with each other and embark together upon international markets.

While in the Dominican Republic I will visit a solar power plant and an orchid nursery established with investment by Taiwanese firms, and I will report back to the people of Taiwan on these successful cases. This is to encourage more Taiwanese companies and entrepreneurs to visit our diplomatic allies in Central America and the Caribbean to look into investment opportunities, so that we can help one another and enlarge the pie of mutually-beneficial cooperation.

This trip will cover a very long distance, but we firmly believe that our sincerity and friendship will bring Taiwan and the Dominican Republic closer together, and that this trip will further enhance our bilateral partnership for cooperation and development. A new world awaits us. Now I will depart, carrying with me the hopes of the Taiwanese people to link up with the rest of the world. I thank you all once again for taking time out of your busy schedules to see us off at this late hour. Thank you, everyone, and be well! Thanks!

Among those at the airport to see Vice President Chen and the delegation off were Secretary-General to the President Lin Bih-jaw (林碧炤), Minister of Foreign Affairs David T. Lee (李大維), Saint Lucia Ambassador to the ROC Hubert Emmanuel (also Secretary General of the Diplomatic Corps in the ROC), and Minister Counselor Samuel Castro of the Embassy of the Dominican Republic.